12 thoughts on “Spay & Neuter Prices”

  1. Does the dog/cat have to be under avcertain age to be fixed? I have one that is 9 years old and one that is 7 years old. They have never had any puppies at all.


    1. Hello! Yes we will neuter any pet in which the owner is willing to bring the pet here and pay the associated fee. Please see the Fixin’ Houston Clinic tab at the top of the blog for more info!


  2. I have three dogs (2 females, & male) that I want to spay and neuter came I have it done on a weekend? Are walk in allowed?


  3. Hi my dad is a Houston city limits resident. As a matter of fact, he adopted Rebel 7 years ago from Barc and has been very happy. My dog has just encountered a stray female Chihuahua. He would like to keep her. He wants to get her fixed. My dad is 87 years old and lives on his social security income. Are there discounts for senior citizens? Thanks Cindy


    1. Hello and thank you for your support of BARC! Unfortunately we do not have senior discounts for our Fixin’ Houston Spay/Neuter Clinic but the prices are low-cost. A spay for a female is approximately $65.Please let us know if you need anything else!


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