Mona Lisa – saved cruelty case

Unfortunately there are some cruel people out there and it’s incredible how sweet she is. Help us do all that we can for Mona Lisa!!!

Mona Lisa was brought in by an ACO, extremely sweet dog, friendly, has wound on left side of head with exposed muscle and tissue and skin flap hanging down. Left eye is red with yellow discharge.
Mona Lisa has been rescued by Rescued Pets Movement.  She was so happy to get some sunshine and is a very happy dog despite the circumstances that got her here.   Big thanks to the BARC vet staff. Dr. Hines and Dr. Malone and all the vet techs that helped her feel comfortable.
All donations for Mona Lisa can be made to RPM at Mona Lisa 1 Mona Lisa 2 Mona Lisa 3 Mona Lisa 4 Mona Lisa 5 Mona Lisa 6


FREE Spay/Neuter Services & Pet Wellness in District H!

If you live in District H, come out Saturday, September 13 for  a spay/neuter surgery on US! We will also be providing FREE pet wellness services!

Check in time is 6:30 A.M. – 9 A.M at Ripley House, 4410 Navigation Blvd. #278, Houston, TX 77011.

Please bring a current ID with a current City of Houston address and/or utility bill. Pets must be 4 months or older.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Services are provided on a first come, first served basis. If we can’t get you in on Saturday, we will schedule another time for your pet to get spayed or neutered for FREE very soon.

For everyone’s safety: Dogs must be on a leash or in a carrier. Cats must be in a carrier or pillow case.


Our partners for this effort include SNAP, Friends for Life, Council Member Gonzalez’s Office, and others.


* Spay/neuter & wellness services available for pets of families living in DISTRICT H only (See map)HPHS Map Image

Protect your pet and your family. For more information, call BARC: (832) 395-9031.

Christmas in July was a HUGE Success!

The adoption event this past weekend, Christmas in July, found 116 furry friends a forever home! Thank you to all the volunteers and staff who helped make this event a success!


Sassy Christmas 2 A1253167

Mayor Parker Visited BARC this Week!

mayor parker, news conference
Mayor Parker, along with several Council Members and others, joined us on the grounds of the new BARC adoptions building on Monday, July 13. Mayor Parker announced the progress of the construction as well as some updates on the great initiatives we have going on such as our Healthy Pets Healthy Streets targeted spay/neuter initiative and the Colorado transport program.

The new building will provide a brand new experience for our adopters! We will maintain the current facility for intake and regulatory needs, but the new adoption center will be completely dedicated to adoptions.

It was a little warm outside, but it was an amazing event! The first phase of the new Adoption Center will open in Spring 2015. Check out more pictures of the news conference at our Facebook page:

Check here for more info

Legendary Service Award Winner is Mauricio Zepeda!

Congratulations to our latest BARC Legendary Service Award winner, Mauricio Zepeda, our Foster/Rescue Coordinator! Maurcio was chosen as the winner by a panel of his peers at BARC. He truly goes above and beyond working with our rescues and fosters to find BARC animals a forever home.

Thanks so much for all you do, Maurcio! You truly deserve it. Thanks so much to Proler Southwest/Sims Metal Management and the Houston BARC Foundation for providing the funds for the Legendary Service Award!

Mark Your Calendars for Christmas in July! July 26-27, 2014

Christmas is coming to the summer this July 26-27 onsite at BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions. We are going to have a great $20 promotion on all pets! This will include spay/neuter, a pre-registered microchip, and all age-appropriate vaccinations! To top it off, Santa Clause is coming to visit along with his many BARC elves to help you find the right furry friend for your family! Stay tuned for more information here and on our website and social media pages!


Forever Homes

This is an update on a scared dog who did not want to be touched.  He was transferred to Shaggy Dog Rescue and now lives a life of PURE happiness with his BFF Maisie! His name is Izzy now and he lives in the East Coast. 

Here’s a picture of Izzy/Thurmont & Maisie on one of their many walks! They have settled in so nicely. We just love ‘Em! They are so different but they complement each other. He’ll jump in our laps and kiss us like crazy – he’s just adorable. And Miss Maisie is as sweet as can be – she is so well behaved – if I say Stay – she stays and doesn’t budge. They both sleep on our bed and don’t get up till we get up. If I’m in the bathroom – they sit outside the door!









Meet Mr. Snickers! As you can see from his before and after pictures Snickers was saved when he was adopted by a very loving family. Its truly touching when you see that there are special people out there who have so much love in their hearts to take on the medical treatments dogs like Snickers need. He will forever be grateful, I am sure of it!


Snickers_Original Picture


7-6-2014 Snickers 004
7-6-2014 Snickers 006

We received this great update from Katie about her two kittens she adopted from BARC in 2011. We love to see our furry friends in their loving homes!

Jiff and Skunkers

Here are some other pictures we recently received from BARC Adopters of their happy pets! Keep them coming!

Both BARC dogs. =)
Both BARC dogs. =)

Ms Sweets

Soundly resting.
Soundly resting.
Jay sent this into us of his new baby and beloved BARC dog!
Jay sent this into us of his new baby and beloved BARC dog!

Ms Diamond (in the ruff)

Tonks living the good life!
Tonks living the good life!

Mayor’s Pets of the Week

This week’s pets are Princess the sweet calico kitty and Harru the fun-loving terrier mix!

Princess is an adorable one and a half year old Calico. She absolutely loves to be groomed and purrs like a little engine with gratitude when you snuggle with her. Princess loves spending her time bird watching and mingling with other feline friends. She is spayed, has age-appropriate vaccinations, a one-year pet license and a pre-registered microchip. Come and meet her along with many other adorable and adoptable felines, at BARC.

Harru is a white and black Fox Terrier Wire mix that is approximately 5 years old. He is a sweet boy who loves long walks and back rubs He will be your faithful friend and will go on long car rides and weekend trips with you. He makes the perfect family pet because of his calm, laid back nature. Harru is neutered, has age-appropriate vaccinations, a one year pet license and pre-registered microchip. It is a very busy time at BARC, so we have many dogs and puppies of all shapes and sizes available for adoption. Come visit us to meet them today.

Mayor and HarruMayor and Princess

Foster Help Needed

How can you resist?!?!
How can you resist?!?!
Attention Houston! We need YOU to help us with our foster babies! We have over 75 puppies, kittens and PurrFurred pets that need foster moms and dads. This is a great way to help save lives if you want to help but can’t take in a permanent pet. Plus, we have expanded our geographic boundaries for fosters, which means we allow families in certain areas outside of the City limits to foster! Go to this link to read more about our foster program and the areas where we have expanded foster boundaries: