Fostering – Why We Need You

We can never turn away an animal. Whether the animal is a goat, a goose or an alligator; a thirteen-year-old schnauzer or a one-day-old kitten; an emaciated dog like Dexter or an obese cat like thirty-five pound Tiny Tim; a kitten with chemical burns like Phoenix or a cat shot with an arrow like Cupid; we take them all. And, because of Houston’s climate and size, we never get a break. The animals are constantly coming in.

We need your help with the animals that need special care. They might be too young, too sick, or too shy. They may have ringworm, mange, or heartworms. They may be mothers nursing kittens or orphaned kittens in need of bottle-feeding. Like Phoenix, Cupid, Dexter, and Tiny Tim, all of them need help. They need you.

Interested in becoming a foster? Got questions about fostering? Email or call us – we’re happy to help!



Mauricio Zepeda 713.229.7354

Click here for more information!

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