Our TNR/Community Cats Love Their New Home!

At BARC we love our TNR / Community cats and are grateful for fosters, BARC employees and rescue groups who help us take care of them.  Recently we received a very much-needed donation.  From the estate of Mr. Richard Matelske BARC graciously received a cat feeding station for our parking lot kitties.  Special Thank you Kelli Matelske and Nela Brown from Frisky Paws Rescue for organizing the feeding station.  TNR Community Cats

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City of Houston Municipal Animal Shelter

One thought on “Our TNR/Community Cats Love Their New Home!”

  1. Today, I brought in a very sick strey cat, that found refuge in my flower bed, this poor cat could barely walk & both eyes were completly shut, it brought tears to my eyes. Iam such an aminal lover. I was told I could bring this cat to BARC. This is the first time Iv’e ever had to do this. I just wanted to say how wonderful the guy was that took in this cat, so kind , and so was eveyrone else there, also the place was so clean. Thank you for what you do.


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