Mona Lisa – saved cruelty case

Unfortunately there are some cruel people out there and it’s incredible how sweet she is. Help us do all that we can for Mona Lisa!!!

Mona Lisa was brought in by an ACO, extremely sweet dog, friendly, has wound on left side of head with exposed muscle and tissue and skin flap hanging down. Left eye is red with yellow discharge.
Mona Lisa has been rescued by Rescued Pets Movement.  She was so happy to get some sunshine and is a very happy dog despite the circumstances that got her here.   Big thanks to the BARC vet staff. Dr. Hines and Dr. Malone and all the vet techs that helped her feel comfortable.
All donations for Mona Lisa can be made to RPM at Mona Lisa 1 Mona Lisa 2 Mona Lisa 3 Mona Lisa 4 Mona Lisa 5 Mona Lisa 6


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City of Houston Municipal Animal Shelter

2 thoughts on “Mona Lisa – saved cruelty case”

  1. There is a new Free Animal Abuse App for Smartphones that allows everyone who comes across an incident of Animal Abuse to record audio/video and send to the National Sheriffs’ Associations Animal Abuse Center, this video is then sent to the law enforcement agency where the abuse occurred for investigation. The Free App is ICE BlackBox. Can be downloaded through


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