Legendary Service Award Winner is Mauricio Zepeda!

Congratulations to our latest BARC Legendary Service Award winner, Mauricio Zepeda, our Foster/Rescue Coordinator! Maurcio was chosen as the winner by a panel of his peers at BARC. He truly goes above and beyond working with our rescues and fosters to find BARC animals a forever home.

Thanks so much for all you do, Maurcio! You truly deserve it. Thanks so much to Proler Southwest/Sims Metal Management and the Houston BARC Foundation for providing the funds for the Legendary Service Award!

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City of Houston Municipal Animal Shelter

One thought on “Legendary Service Award Winner is Mauricio Zepeda!”

  1. Better late than never! Sorry for the late CONGRATS Mauricio! It is always great to see someone you know recognized for their outstanding dedication and amazing work. Mauricio, you are a treasure and I appreciate the exceptional work you do, each and every day. Paws off to you my friend! so proud of you, GREAT JOB!


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